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Summer 2016 Competition:

Bad Art


3rd Place Winner

watercolor and chemicals on paper
22 x 30 in
1100. usd

artist statement

These paintings are painted with a method developed and solely used by me.  Essential in experiencing this artwork is the process behind it, watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/171909514.

In some works an iridescent color is used for parts of the painting which result in a different glow and feeling depending on the changes in the angle of view or the angle of illumination. This results in a painting that continuously changes and communicates with the viewer depending on the movement of the viewer.

The colours of texture have this feeling! It's the thing I feel that determines it's form and at the end perhaps the form that determines my feelings. It's about discovering the color of movement and the movement of color. In the words of the artist: "These are dancing paintings instead of dancing painters"

Read what DesignFaves says about my work: http://www.designfaves.com/2016/09/dries-ketels-and-his-dancing-paintings Enjoy, D.


artist bio

Select Recent Prizes/Honorable Mentions

- 1st Prize ‘TUUËBETEGOARE’, visual art competition 2015

- 1st Prize from the ‘Epilepsie Liga’, visual art competition 2015

-  1st prize poetry competition Harelbeke 2015  (With additional publication – “Lees me voor uit je borsten”)

-  8th place in ‘painting of the year 2015’ (Belgium)

-  Runner up in ‘Splash 17’, painting competition 2015

-  One of the selected artists in the celesteprize 2014

-  Honourable mention in the Poemtata poetry competition 2014 (with publication “Verdwalen in het bet van alpha”)

-  4th place/ honourable mention in SOET 2014

-  5th place/ honourable mention poetry competition De Scriptomanen 2014 (with additional publication and ebook – “De Schuilkelders van de poëzie”)

-  Finalist in ‘het leven als lijtmotief’ 2015

-  Honourable mention in ‘Write Now’ 2015

-  Honourable mention in poetry competition ‘YoungPoets’ 2016

-  4th prize in poetry competition ‘Harelbeke 2016’


Select Recent Exhibitions

-  Chie art Gallery (Milan, Italy)) Oktober 2014

-  Museo Marte (Campania, Italy) November 2014

-  Marzia Frozen Gallery (Berlin, Germany) September 2014

-  Juried exhibition ‘ARNOEVOO’ (Bredene, Belgium) 2015    

-  Juried Exhibition ‘TUUËBETEGOARE’ (Zomergem, Belgium) 2015

-  Juried Exhibition ‘painting of the year 2015’ (CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands, march - April 2016)


Select Recent Publications

- International contemporary artists 2015’

- Online publication in Beautiful Decay 2015

- Online publication in Illusion scene 360 Magazine 2015 & 2016

-  Epikrant 2015 (magazine)

-  Art04 2016 (magazine)

-  Online publication in FPulseAid Magazine (Februarie 2016)

-  Online featuring in StudioVox (Februarie 2016)



- Several Permanent online collections curated by Rebecca Wilson (former director of Saatchi gallery London and current chief curator at Saatchiart)

- Private collections around the world



-  Sint-Lucas institute (gymnasium) 2011 -  Architecture and Visual Arts

-  University of Ghent and Free University of Berlin 2011-2015 - Science of art


Projects Under the Leadership of Dries Ketels

-  WABI-fest 2010 (Music and culture festival)


Dries Ketels

dries ketels
Ghent/East-Flanders [Belgium]

art scene today Q & A

Q: Where do you see yourself in the art scene today?
A: I see myself as a young promising artist, slowly eating the current status quo in the hope that out of my shit a new status quo can be formed in the future.
Q: What is in your inspiration?
A: Everything can be inspiring as long as you open your eyes. But for me the impossible remains one of the most attractive things. I have this eagerness to transform every impossibility into an impossible possibility. 
Q: What are your challenges?
A: I have my working points as a human an as an artist I guess. Keep searching and don’t settle I guess. But for the art part I have the same challenges as other young artists. Finding a way to the bigger venues and galleries for long-term representation.
Q: How did you/do you choose your medium?
A: You never choose your medium, it always choose you. After that you can only except it or deny it.
Q: Which artist has influenced you the most?
A: That’s way too hard and way too much of a common question to answer. 

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