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Spring/Summer 2014 Competition:


2nd Place Winner

Medium:  Polymer clay mixed media
Size:       22 x 8 x 4 in                         
Price:      NFS

artist statement

I have been a professional contemporary artist since 2002. My wish is to continue to create beautiful but also fun works of art fueled by passion and imagination. I am recycling found objects and having a blast! One man's trash becomes a "Keri treasure!' So the flea markets provide me with the items needed for my work. I specialize in creating "feel good" art sculptures but I also incorporate polymer clay in many of my pieces. Most are whimsical, unique & on the FuNkYside...like me!

artist bio

I was a Senior Designer for 15 years...a lifetime ago. I was trained at the American Academy 1972-73 in illustration. When I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2002 I 'thought' I was done with my art! I said "no more!" and was told it would be "impossible" to do my art from the extensive Lyme damage. Well, I now have made 1500 original pieces of art! 


Art & Beyond Studio I won one of the The Publisher Choice Awards to be published and promoted in their September/October issue 2014

I was the solo Featured Artist at the Starline Gallery in Harvard   August 22

My artwork was selected for a Portfolio Feature in the West vs Midwest Issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine.​ June 2014

"Stop All The Violince" won Honorary Mention at the Starline Gallery AND "Leapin' Lizards Makes My Hair Stand Up" won the Peoples Choice Award  May 23rd 2014

 "Chinese GNU Year won Honorary Mention at the Starline Gallery April 2014

"Eggsistential: Do I Eggsist" The 4Art Inc Gallery Unique group exhibition of handcrafted Ostrich Egg Art March 2014 

Art & Beyond Studio I won one of the The Publisher Choice Awards to be published and promoted in their March/April issue 2014

I was published in San Francisco vs Chicago issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine March 2014

 "Who We Aren't" at Union Street Gallery  

"With Love & Respect"was on exhibit February 2014

"OMG! Oh Party Gras" A group exhibit at the 4Art inc gallery. My pieces for this exhibit were"Party Gras", Surely You Jest!" & "I'm Horney" February 2014

My artwork has been selected for a Portfolio Feature in Issue 17 of Artist Portfolio Magazine. San Francisco vs Chicago January 2014

I was published in Hidden Treasure Art Magazine November 2013

My "Makin' Purty Music" won 1st Place Award in the Harvard Gala Masquerade Ball Exhibit I will have a solo exhibit in August 22nd 2014

Centerline Exhibit At The Zhou B Art Center 

My "With Love & Respect" was included in this exhibit September 2013

 A group exhibit "Shattered Mirror" Exhibit 4Art Inc Gallery September 2013

Martha Stewart's American Made Award Nominee August 2013

Art & Beyond Studio I won one of the The Publisher Choice Awards to be published and promoted in their July/August issue 2013

I was published in International Contemporary Artists May 2013

Art & Beyond - I won one of the The Publisher Choice Awards to be published and promoted in their May/June issue 


I was on the front cover of Doll Maker's Magazine In Russia April 2013

My work was at 4Art Inc Gallery in the well known Zhou Bros. Art Center January 2013-May 2014

Beverly Art Center Exhibit "I Have A Monkey On My Back"  was on exhibit January 2013

Martha Stewarts: I was chosen as the American Made Artist Audience Choice Award Winner November 2012

"Wanna Play? exhibit at The Union Street Gallery "The Apple Doesn't Fall Far..." was on exhibit October 2012

I was chosen to be an Emerging Artist On Art Jury. October 2012    

Six pieces of mine were published in the Contemporary Sculptor table book September 2012 

My hubcap was one of the featured hubcaps in an article with Ken Marquis of Landfill Art with E-Junkie.Info September 2011

2011:  The "KeRicTures" were born. They are 28" whimsical greeters. A collaboration I do with my husband.

I was asked to be a part of the Landfill Art Project. Ken Marquis asked me to be one of his 1041 artists to do my work on a hubcap. Showing trash can be turned into masterpieces. It will be a traveling exhibit and table book.  May 2010

Keri Joy Colestock - Artist Photo

keri joy colestock
Pingree Grove, Illinois [USA]

art scene today Q & A

Q: Where do you see yourself in the art scene today?
A: I find myself 'morphing' quite often where my work totally switches gears. I keep it new but my style definitely can be seen in it. They know it's a Keri!
Q: What is in your inspiration?
A:  I did not like being told that things are "impossible!" So obstacles caused my inspiration.
Q: What are your challenges?
A:  Lyme Disease caused terrible brain damage. And so many other physical disabilities but you do not let them dictate your life. Staying in bed sick was not an option. 1500 original pieces & still going!
Q: How did you/do you choose your medium?
A: I was so inspired by Ken Marquis & his landfill idea about taking discarded hubcaps turning them into masterpieces. I was hooked! I go to flea markets for my 'treasures.' Sometimes as soon as I see a piece I know what I am going to do & what it's name is!
Q: Which artist has influenced you the most?
A: The artist whose work floored me when I was a very young artist was Michaelangelo. But I can go on listing so many.

 other work by the artist



OFF THE GRID Exhibition