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Spring 2015 Competition:


expressionism, surrealism and other mind-expanding isms

3rd Place Winner


Archival Digital Photography
40 x 30 in
1500. usd

artist statement

I have developed a deeply intuitive process by which I am both photographer and female subject. I achieve a stark and elegant aesthetic by holding true to images that require minimal digital manipulation. I confront myself with truthful intimacy, as the images are created in response to life’s urgent flux; psychological issues that challenge my identity, sense of balance, and physical form. By depicting unease through anomalous body language and surreal settings, I interpret dreamlike memories and emotional intensity in a hauntingly seductive mise-en-scène.

A mysterious conundrum is implied as my idiosyncrasies of the physical and emotional are disclosed then pondered.  My images often echo my training as an expressive figure painter. I express personal mystery while simultaneously revealing life’s poignant happenings and anguished longings. As an honest witness to self, I leave the observer with a voyeuristic and visceral narrative visually expressed....a raw observation of a heart pinned to a sleeve, covering worn skin, and fragile bone.

artist bio

Devin Rachul Mcclintic received an M.F.A. Studio Art at Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA and a B.F.A. at Ferrum College, Ferrum, VA.


Art Melt Juried Exhibition 2015, Capitol Park Museum, Baton Rouge, LA
SRAC Collectible Artists, Juried by Robert L. Pincus, PhD, Lauren Smart, Thom Ward,
Anne Marie Welch
Critical Mass Juried Exhibition 3, Artspace, Critics Mention in Print, Shreveport, LA
Workshop and Lecture Meadows Museum, Photographer Keith Carter, Shreveport, LA
Residency Finalist SRAC, Artist Wayne White, Shreveport, LA
PhotoSpiva Annual Juried Exhibition, Joplin, MO
Ogden Museum of Southern Art, LA Contemporary Juried Exhibition, New Orleans, LA
Houston Center for Photography Annual Juried Membership Exhibition, Houston, TX
Meadows Museum Of Art Annual Juried Exhibition, Shreveport, LA
Meadows Museum of Art, Cirque De Shreve Art Auction, Shreveport, LA
Gallery Fine Art Center, Group Photography Exhibition, Bossier City, LA
Masur Museum 50 Juried Competition, Monroe, LA
Critical Mass Juried Exhibition 2, Artspace, Critics mention in Print, Shreveport, LA
International House Hotel, Virtual Magdalena Exhibition, New Orleans, LA
Easley Studio and Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Minden, LA
ArtBreak, Shreveport Regional Art Center Instructor, Shreveport, LA

Bossier Arts Council Gallery Chair, Bossier City, LA
BonaFide2, Northwest Louisiana Juried Artist Roster Exhibition, Artspace, Shreveport, LA
Meadows Museum of Art Centenary College of Louisiana, Solo Exhibition and Lecture
9th Annual Forum 35 Art Melt Juried Show, Baton Rouge, LA Honorable Mention
Art Scene Today Juried Competition, Stranger In A Strange Land, Exhibition Catalogue
MFA Thesis Exhibition and Artists Talk, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA
Artists-At-Work Juried Exhibition and Artists Lecture, Meadows Museum of Art
Centenary College of Louisiana, Juror: Connie Bostic, Honorable Mention
LA Tech University Juried Student Show, Ruston, LA, Juror: Kelli Connell
Art Crawl, Upstairs Gallery, Monroe, LA
Behind the Mask Juried Exhibition, Bossier Arts Council, Bossier, LA
Awarded First Place and Juror's Choice
MFA 2nd Year Show, Enterprise Center Gallery, Ruston, LA
Art Scene Today Juried Competition, Inside Out, Exhibition Catalogue
The Nude Show, Bossier Arts Council, Bossier, LA
7th Annual Forum 35 Art Melt Juried Show, Baton Rouge, LA
ArtBreak, Shreveport Regional Art Center Instructor, Shreveport, LA

2009- 2010
Study Abroad Program LA Tech University, Paris, France
LA Tech University Juried Student Show, Ruston, LA
Art from the G.U.T. Best in Show Award, Enterprise Center Gallery, Ruston, LA
MFA 1st Year Show, Enterprise Center Gallery, Ruston, LA
Natchitoches Art Guild Juried Exhibition, Natchitoches, LA
BonaFide1, Northwest Louisiana Artists Roster Exhibition, Artspace, Shreveport, LA

Shreveport Times, Critical Review, Lauren Smart, April 2015
The Forum, Critical Review, Susan Larsen, March 2014
Pelican Bomb, Critical Review, Tori Bush, August 2014
The Shreveport Catalyst, Artist Spotlight, Robert Trudeau, November 2012


 other work by the artist

Devin Rachul McClintic

devin rachul
mc clintic
Bossier City, Louisiana [USA]





art scene today Q & A

Q: Where do you see yourself in the art scene today?
A:  My work consists of social commentary, whether it reflects ideas challenging obdurate notions of gender, age. and beauty or if referencing the evolution of the male nude figure as depicted by a female artist. My work contemplates mystery, psychological tension and courageous depiction of self, these attributes are meant to be a visceral and voyeuristic guiding force within the images. The viewer has the experience of examining images that are raw in nature, even though produced by sophisticated digital means. My work directly contradicts and confronts the vast majority of images that are heavily manipulated, while maintaining a preternatural aesthetic influenced by a painters eye. My intention is to continue creating fine art photography and mixed media work with a cohesive message. 
Q: What is in your inspiration?
A:  As the primary female subject in my work, I am influenced by contemporary artists such as Cindy Sherman, Francesca Woodman, and Anthony Goicolea. These artists portray themselves in their work and with emotional depth, specific narrative, or personal psychological issues. I am drawn to the emotional residue of uncanny memories and damage associated with an ephemeral existence. 
Q: What are your challenges?
A: A personal challenge has consisted of an intrinsic desire to transcend the look of main stream digital photography. Since I am a painter and photographer, I search for ways to merge these disciplines into a creative techniques and processes.

Furthermore, as the predominant subject of my work, I am challenged to constantly evolve as a chameleon-like visually interesting subject.

Q: How did you/do you choose your medium?
A:  The fundamental basis of my painting and mixed media work is photography. Photography has been an integral part of my creative process since my teen years. 

Q: Which artist has influenced you the most?
A: Anthony Goicolea would be a profound creative influence. His capacity for depicting himself without the barriers of age or gender is remarkable. Goicolea's ability to produce multimedia shows that consist of photography, painting, drawing, and film captivate and inspire me as well.



Nothing But a Dream Exhibition