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Art That Makes You Go WOW:
A r t   W i t h   W o r d s
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Drawings made up entirely of words  GO TO WEBSITE  

Paintings Using Words,  by May Stevens
An extraordinary artist, poet, teacher, and social activist.  Throughout her lcareer, May Stevens has been a committed political activist. Her powerful work reflects her rejection of racism, imperialism, war, and sexism. She also has focused on the lives of women, using her mother, Alice, as the subject of many of her paintings. 

Increasingly May Stevens has included words in her paintings (Sea of Words). As she has said, “Words are everywhere. When I use (them) in my paintings, they describe some of the ideas and emotions that make up that painting. But as they become illegible, they give up their identity to become a thread, a tone, a sound, a passage that is a vital element in the configuration but not necessarily one that is individually distinguishable.”