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art or NOT?

ArtSceneToday is always on the lookout for new movements, trends or mavericks in the art world. Art or NOT is a look at what's going on in the contemporary art scene - the crazy, the absurd, the irreverent, the ground-breaking and work that often begs the question: is it really serious Art or NOT?? 

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screen art of baltimore, md.

Started in the Summer of 1913 when grocer, William Oktavec, wanted to advertise his wares on the front screen doors on his shop, SCREEN ART is part of the rich history of a blue-class neighborhood in Northeast Baltimore, Maryland. Since its heyday in the 1940's and '50's, the popularity of this "artform" has had many ebbs and tides.  A revolution in crafting and entrepreneurship has found an eager audience of artists and admirers to take the art form into the 21st century as its popularity spreads far beyond Baltimore.

See more and learn about the history at:



ethereal snow art by simon beck


It looks like a crazy guy just walking around in the snow. Then you zoom out and...whoa, it's Simon Beck making intricate patterns in snow. Like Tibetan or Navajo sand paintings--without the sand--or colors these designs are pretty amazing.   SEE MORE


Ida Skivenes-Toast Art 
ida skivenes: famous paintings on toast

This Instagram food artist and enthusiast based in Oslo, Norway believes that food should be fun, tasty and for the most part healthy. The 29-year-old artist has never attended art or culinary school, but was inspired by her love of food, art, and photography to start recreating famous paintings on her breakfast toast. Like this take on Frida Kahlo's self portraits. 



lint art by laura bell


Ripley's Believe It or Not acquired Laura Bell's piece, The Last Supper. What makes this interpretation of the often copied masterpiece different is the medium. It was made entirely of...well, lint.  Bell, an amateur artist from Roscommon, Michigan, was inspired by a laundry lint portrait she saw about 10 years ago at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Wisconsin Dells Odditorium.  In 2009, with some encouragement from her husband and a handful of lint from her dryer, she began creating The Last Supper for the ArtPrize 2010 competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan.



art...when the world is your canvas




Roger Rowley Exhibit4 


fruit as art

Curator/photographer Roger Rowley creates an amazing array of     luscious, colorful fruit and photographs it on a blue rimmed plate...every day.  Starting out as a way to get his kids to eat wholesome food at breakfast it evolved into a kaleidoscopic visual diary of the morning routine called  "Fruit Plate Project."

Exhibitions can be seen of a year's worth of photographs. The images are arranged starting with January 1 at the upper left and December 31 being at the lower right. In between they are top to bottom and left to right chronologically by month and day. 

View all at his Fruit Plate Project WEBSITE

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