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art fairs & shows in NYC

ArtSceneToday takes a look at art fairs and shows in NYC and beyond to help artists and art lovers figure out which is best for them.  We welcome suggestions on fairs to cover.


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Looking to make high quality, contemporary affordable art accessible to everyone, Will Ramsay broke the mold of the traditional art fair by creating the Affordable Art Fair in 1999.  Today its mission continues to be to serve a broad market from the first time and curious visitor to the more seasoned art collector, by maintaining quality exhibitors.

Now in nine locations around the world, the Affordable Art Fair proves that you don’t need to be an art expert or a billionaire to have original works of art by living artists.  Taking place annually in  Amsterdam, Bristol, Brussels, London (spring and fall), Melbourne, Milan, New York (spring and fall), North London, Singapore, and Sydney, nearly $250 million worth of art has been sold at the fairs. The success of the brand continues with the estimated millionth visitor to Affordable Art Fair expected in 2011.


exhibition requirements

• The Affordable Art Fair is a fine art fair promoting original contemporary art, by living artists. 

 • At least three artists are required per gallery exhibitor, with exceptions allowed for sponsors, educational partners, and special installations only.

 • At least 75% of the work in each booth needs to be below $5,000 with a ceiling price of $10,000 on any one work of art, and all work must be original, with regulations on editions.

 Applications are available online or by contacting Nikki Iacovella:

Phone:  +1 212 255 2003       Email:  nikki@aafnyc.com

ast bottom line

This is a high quality, well organized and marketed venue. There are few minuses but, or the most part, they are outweighed by the pluses.

for artists:  While it's not accesible for individual artists to exhibit on their own, it's certainly worth participating in if you can get gallery representation.  There is great exposure to art buyers, galleries and decorators for on the spot buying or future reference.  It is pricey, so make sure you're clear about any expense for you. At any rate, it's a great place to see great art...get inspired, get motivated! 
VISITOR INFO:  Fall 2011
for galleries:  It's a big commitment of time and money but the return on investment could be worth it.  While there's no guarantee with sales, most gallerists seemed pleased with the results; not only by selling artwork but opening their reach to a broader, more diverse international market.  For first-timers, make sure you ask a LOT of questions to understand total costs and obligations. Attend one first to see first-hand what is done...but remember there will always be something you missed or got wrong. 
EXHIBITOR INFO:    Fall 2011
for buyers:  Whether you're looking for your first serious art purchase (mass-produced prints from Target don't count) or adding to your current collection, this is a great place to pick up quality artwork in a wide range of prices.  Nothing is over $10,000, galleries are required to have work under $5,000 and many sell pieces (prints and photography) for under $100.  
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