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Winter 2015 Competition:


art that pushes boundaries and expands our perception

of love and sex in the 21st century

3rd Place Winner

Dry Ink
15x22 in
300. usd

artist statement

My artwork as a whole focuses on the human form. Not just as an object to be drawn but a scene to be captured. Dynamic movements and interactions that allow for the viewer to truly imagine a narrative that goes with the work. "Obey" is one part of a diptych meant to capture to complexity of human interaction, more specifically, intimacy. 

artist bio

I'm a Junior at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. I am currently working on my BFA with a concentration in Painting.


OKC Momentum Exhibition, Oklahoma

The IAO Biting the Apple Exhibition, Oklahoma

The Duncan Spring Show, Oklahoma

Ashley Brown-3rd Place

ashley brown
Lawton,  Oklahoma [USA]

art scene today Q & A

Q: Where do you see yourself in the art scene today?
A: I still see myself as a newcomer. Like everyone else I'm still trying to figure myself out and find a little place of my own in the community.
Q: What is in your inspiration?
A: I love history, especially art history. I love researching different cultures, how they portray people, and the different perspectives of the human experience. 
Q: What are your challenges?
A: Convincing myself that I can do well. It's easy to convince yourself you're not good enough or you'll never be good enough.

Q: How did you/do you choose your medium?
A:  I try to experiment with a lot of different mediums. This particular process in a printmaking process. It's time consuming, but I find that the end results are worth it. I chose drypoint for this idea because the energy you can convey with harsh scribe strokes. 

Q: Which artist has influenced you the most?
A:  Probably a tie between Frank Frazetta. I was in love with Frazetta's art as a child. He did very dramatic scenes and figures that I would sit and stare at for hours. I have found many other influences since then but I think he was the first big one.



50 Shades of Grey