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 b r o o k e

  g r e e n


Abstract art straight from the imagination that pushes the boundary of the movement.
Brooke Green - CURVATURE
Brooke Green - CURVATURE
digitized photography                               
athens, ga/USA 
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artist statement

Nature has always been one of my biggest inspirations.  I am blown away every day by the powerful, graceful beauty and intelligence in design that I see.  There is an incredible energy all around us and in everything.  Through my work I strive to bring attention to that powerful energy and to also bring attention to the little things in life that so often are overlooked or taken for granted.  I currently have several different bodies of work going on and nature, in one way or another, influences them all.  My hope is that I can sufficiently and clearly communicate my vision of this spectacular world in which we live.  

With "Curvature" my desire was to communicate the simple shapes and colors which, together as a whole, make a striking scene and to also communicate my own subjective emotional spirit.  This photo is, for the most part, straight out of the camera.  A small amount of tweaking was done, but the vibrance of the colors dancing in the water, the soft curves of the snow covered earth, and the subtle texture of the snow are nature's own creation.  


I grew up in Greensboro, NC and moved to Athens, GA in 1999 where I attended art school at the University of Georgia.  In 2003 I spent the summer in Cortona, Italy studying stone carving and metal casting.  My experiences there and the knowledge I gained permeated my being on all levels and furthered not only my personal growth, but the growth of my art as well.  I graduated from UGA in 2005 with a BFA in Sculpture.  

Throughout my college career I took classes, of course, in all mediums with several of those being black and white photography classes.  Prior to taking these classes I got my first 35mm camera and have since fallen in love with photography more and more as time has progressed.  In trying to continually learn and grow I joined a cultural study abroad group on a trip to Paris, France in April of 2010 which focused on photography.  I have only recently started trying to get my photography out and seen.  Below are some of the shows I have participated in.  

Photography Exhibitions
Big City Bread, Athens, GA (March 2010) 
French Embassy, Washington DC ( Fall 2010 or Spring 2011)
Sculpture Exhibitions
“In the Round”, Thomas Street Art Gallery, Athens, GA (2002)
Stone Show, Thomas Street Art Gallery, Athens, GA (2003)
Parco della creativita di Andrea Roggi, Arezzo, Italy (2004)
Mostra Studente arte, Cortona, Italy (2004) 
“Angels and Prostitutes”, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Athens, GA (2005)
Monroe Art Guild, Monroe, GA (2005)