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 Colin Maisonpierre-TREE MAN 1


Competition:  Abstractions of the Mind 

colin maisonpierre
16" x 20" water colour on paper
san francisco, ca/USA  
500. USD (framed)

artist statement

 I am a true believer that every person strives for some kind of creative outlet. This can be anything from drawing, working on a car, and everything in between. An escape from the norm that forces us to think outside of our daily grind walls.  

My creative outlet happens to be drawing / painting. My imagination is full of surprises, even for me. The imagination is a tool that seems to be lost as we get older. The monotony of our lives strips us of the thinking we used to have.

I want people to use their imagination while viewing my work. There are no wrong answers when analyzing one of my drawings. I hope that you can take away something that means something to you. And most importantly, enjoy yourself.

"Tree Man 1" is truly an abstraction of the mind. I find that illustrating a story through these abstract figures turned out to be quite interesting. This particular image has a feeling of struggle and pain. By removing expressive parts of the body like the face and the hands, its makes for an interesting challenge.

I feel it is always important for the viewer to leave with some kind of feeling. Something that sticks with them. This series of images is hard to forget.  I feel it is successful in communicating some kind of emotion. Good or bad. Enjoy!



I was born in a small town in North Carolina called Lumberton. At age 2, I moved to a similar placed called Laurinburg, where I spent the next 16 years. 

East Carolina University, in Greenville, NC, enticed me into enrolling there for the next 5 years, where I studied art under some of the coolest professors out there. I graduated in May of ’07 with a BFA in Graphic Design. As part of my class credit, I participated in an internship at a local graphic design firm, where I began to cut my teeth in the commercial art world.

Soon after graduating, a buddy of mine and I packed my car and left North Carolina. 40 driving hours later, we ended up in San Francisco with no job, no place to live, and not much money. A few scary weeks later, we were on our feet. I landed a job with an awesome solar energy company doing graphic design. Soon I was getting paintings published in local publications, and getting into shows all around the bay area. The rest is history.