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Winner of the Spring 2011 Competition
outsider art that goes beyond the mainstream art culture,
explores issues in today's world from a different perspective
or reveals what is possible when you just don't stay inside the lines.
2nd Place Winner.jpg
pastel and ink on paper
45 x 75 cm
1050. usd                                                                                                                                   

artist statement

I have always been fascinated by the margins, the edges, the subcultures, which to me hold enormous character and energy. The subject matter I explore as an artist is not commonly studied and I attempt to expose my audience to a different opinion or viewpoint. My material, while alternative is carefully chosen to bring a certain beauty or personality to the canvas. I am most interested in the intellectual juxtaposition of an image, and how that might change the viewer’s initially held preconception – I try to convey this alternative viewpoint in all of my works.

My process is detailed and initiated by a long period of time working and reworking the idea of the painting – what I wish to convey and achieve.I enjoy the intellectual “prelude” to the painting. This initially will be a loose concept and tightens in specifics over a number of weeks.  Photography plays a large part in the formulation of my composition. I initially would take photos of people and things of interest (and still do) however increasingly I now hire models and stage my own photo sessions , including costumes, sets, etc. to achieve the image I require. I take several images.  I may photograph the exact image and work straight from 1 photo, or use a composite and sometimes make some minor modifications with photoshop.  Once I have the image I will decide on medium and size. I use multimedia to achieve the visual result I want for different parts of the image – usually acrylic and spray enamel,  but I am equally comfortable with pastel. Regardless, the style is the same. That is, monochromatic background or “negative space” with a photorepresentational object or portrait as a solitary object. I wish not to detract from the primary focus of the painting by any detail in the background. This has always seemed natural to me. Because of my subject matter, a secondary effect is often to highlight the confrontational and direct nature of the image. I usually work with acrylic because it offers me the ability to apply multiple layers including glazes etc. in abbreviated timeframes. Like most artists working in this medium I became disappointed with the flatness of finish very early in my career and looked for a solution. Over a period of 7 years I extensively researched epoxy resin from it’s chemical nature, to available product and technical aspects of application, so that now I have incorporated it as my standard technique to achieve the high gloss finish which I desire.

It is an artist’s duty to continue to evolve  and I am  moving further toward  incorporating graffiti and street art influences into my creative framework and conceptually continuing to explore emerging and existing subcultures.

My winning entry in “Coloring Outside the Lines” embodies all of the elements of my artistic practice. It relates to the theme of the competition primarily by virtue of it’s subject matter. The image is confronting and depicts a subculture identity who if fully immersed in and aware of his individuality -  he is “outside the lines”  of mainstream culture, yet holding character and fascination -  a perfect metaphor for my artistic practice.


I am currently an “outsider artist” with no formal art training. I commenced my artistic practice 8 years ago with regular and ongoing self directed learning, often with  training and tuition on specific points I wished to incorporate into my practice by industry professionals. This has taken the form of learning techniques of resin application by a master surfboard maker,aerosol and graffiti art training by established graffiti artists, and pinstriping /airgun technique by custom auto painters.

I am a formally qualified and trained Orthopaedic Surgeon. This influences my artistic style by applying the same practiced fine motor skills and obsessive requirement for attention to detail which are evident in my photorepresentational style. As a surgeon I meet over 1200 people a year, giving me insight into current issues and ongoing understanding of the human condition and how that relates in my artwork.

I have exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions in both Queensland and Victoria, Australia, and have work held in private and public collections. I have also been a finalist in national art competitions in Australia, and was selected as a featured artist in 2011 in a national art postcard series.



2010, 2008  Highly Commended - Wilston Art Show 2008 and Queensland Heart Research Joint Exhibition

2009 'Ekkaphilia' Solo Exhibition

2009 The Ruminate Exhibition(2nd Bira Festival)

2010 Stockroom Exhibition Metro Gallery, Melbourne

2010 Lethbridge 10 000 'Finalist'

2011 Avantcard Art Postcard Series Selected Artist

2011 'Australian Art Collector' Invited Included Artist (July-Sept Ed.-Australia's Most Collectable Artists Under $5000)