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Winner of the Spring 2011 Competition
outsider art that goes beyond the mainstream art culture, explores issues in today's world from a different perspective or reveals what is possible when you just don't stay inside the lines.
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oil on canvas
18 x 24in

artist statement

I am a self-taught artist whose objective is to reveal aspects of the human psyche through my paintings. I have worked in assemblage, tile, watercolor and acrylics, and am currently working in oils, which offer a great deal of flexibility and time in which to allow the organic revelation of layers and meaning through the process of creating the piece. 

I paint what interests me – human emotions and the psyche, nature as reflected by animals.  I see color and form through a personal prism, let it fly and hope that others will recognize something in the paintings that resonates or stirs up questions.

"3"rd Treatment" comes directly out of my experience of undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, although this is not a self-portrait.  Five years after the end of treatment I decided I wanted to try to clarify for myself and express what that journey had been like.  Once I opened the door to it, the painting emerged organically, even as it brought up difficult emotional and intellectual reactions I hadn’t delved into before.

The title refers to the first treatment you have after you’ve lost all your hair; doctors have pretty much narrowed the hair loss time down to a certain day (in my case it was day seventeen).  I wanted the painting to lack any specific attitude such as anger or terror that might automatically be imagined with a cancer diagnosis and this stripping away of vanity and shields, to produce responses that would be visceral and immediate.

I feel this fits into the theme of coloring outside the lines because this is difficult, uncomfortable subject matter that is usually kept hidden.  "3rd Treatment" isn’t intended to shock, but to try to shed some light on this particular reality.  


Julie Robatialle was born and raised in Los Angeles and grew up primarily involved with words, starting with writing poetry at age seven and eventually earning a B.A. and M.A. in English Literature.  She has worked as a story analyst and story editor for film studios, written for television, had novelizations based on tv series and feature films and two original novels published.  

She is a self-taught artist and has worked in acrylics, watercolors and assemblage for years; three years ago she began classes in oil painting, a discipline she wanted to learn from the ground up with guidance rather than relying on her own instincts.  She has never exhibited her works; in fact, this is the first competition she has ever entered.