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c a r e y

c l a r k

Carey Clark is a painter by background and a graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design. Her attraction to public arts led to her first foray in the field in 1990. Commissioned by the MTA for their inaugural project, Creative Stations Program, directed by Sandra Bloodworth, Carey worked with 15 young artists to make 200 square feet of murals at Yankee Stadium Subway Station. This work led to her current position as Visual Arts Director for the Point CDC, in Hunts Point in the South Bronx: an assets-based community arts center that combines arts learning with a complex array of vibrant and sophisticated actions that combine the public arts with environmental and social justice. (www.thepoint.org/visualarts)

Carey develops collaborative opportunities between the Bronx arts community, environmentalists and local industry through teaching, arranging exhibitions and public arts projects. She has directed and participated in several large - scale mural projects. She has produced and designed sets for theater projects in Poland, and the South Bronx.  She recently curated an exhibition Mapping Skateparks, which was shown at Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education, inviting artists, skaters and architects, to envision a permanent skate park in Hunts Point. It will be reconstructed for THE POINT’s new container gallery at THE POINT’s Campus for the Arts and Environment.  She is now organizing an exhibit at BronxArtSpace Outsiders Inside the Bronx, August 4-August 29. (www.bronxartspace.com)

Clark also is founder and owner of Q Art Co, a picture framing and art services company. Q Art is located in the Mott Haven district of the South Bronx (20 minutes from Union Square) where we employ skilled, visually literate local artists and apprentices to produce work to museum standards. Early in her framing career, Clark assisted pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein, in his more experimental framing projects, and whose foundation is one of Q Art Co’s longstanding clients. (www.qartco.com/)