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J U R O R ' S   I N F O



j. m i c h a e l  

w a l k e r

Born and raised in Arkansas, J. Michael Walker came to Los Angeles by way of Mexico — a critical stopover that not only “explained” Los Angeles to him - its historical, thriving roots churning beneath the asphalt but also provided the foundation for much, if not all, of his work ever since.

As an artist over the past 25 years, J. Michael has participated in more than one hundred exhibitions; received a dozen grants, fellowships, and artist residencies (most recently to Bahia, Brazil); and has enjoyed a dozen solo shows in both the United States and Mexico.  His work takes inspiration from Mexico, Los Angeles (his current city of residence), saints, the internal power of women and social justice.

In addition to his prolific talents in visual arts as painter and photogrpaher, J. Michael is also an author.  His first book, All the Saints of the City of the Angels: Seeking the Soul of L.A. on Its Streets (Heyday, 2008) is in its second printing.  It is his personal search of the history of all the streets named after saints, their stories and the connections - what their moments of convergence might say about our cultural heritage. The result, in over one hundred paintings and dozens of stories, poems, and songs, is his meditation on, and tribute to, Los Angeles.