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Winner of the Winter 2014 Competition
Em*Bodied Art
An exploration of how figurative art has evolved, using the body as a canvas, as a focal point, as inspiration.
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Riina Laine - REVIVAL
Riina Laine - REVIVAL
cropped image of body painting
40 x 60 cm
photograph available for sale

artist statement

As an artist I have wanted to concentrate on the possibilities of body painting as independent abstract art. My focus and desire is to explore the dimensions of the human body and how it unites with the painting, light and space, how the contours of the body become obscure and these elements create multi-layered views and impressions. I am greatly inspired by colours and abstract forms found in nature, however, essentially I follow my intuition and the subconscious flow of my creative process. I'm also greatly inspired by my models, their stories and background, and I often combine the feelings they bring up in me with my own ideas.

"Revival" is a part of my Storm series. It was inspired by and painted on my very special friend. We all have our fights, mental, physical, they can  take over years of our lives and sometimes feel too powerful to be beaten. But when there is a glimpse of light behind the clouds, it brings us hope. With hope, we get strength. And with strength, we start to believe.


I've been drawing and painting all my life and have studied on various courses including A'level in Fine Art. However, I found my real path when I came across body painting at make-up college. When attending the World Bodypainting Festival in 2007, my passion for body art really set off and I began to concentrate on the fine art side of it. In the beginning I worked with a photographer, but for the past few years I have taken the photos myself.

From the start I have wanted to concentrate on the possibilities of body painting as independent abstract art. The special feature about body painting is it’s disposability, but within my photographs they reach another level and another life. The moves of my model change the painting and the final piece if often born with a random improvised pose. Most of my works are rather big in size (70-120cm). The size means that with a closer look the skin and its texture can be seen and then yet another element in the piece is revealed.

I had my first solo exhibition "Bodyscapes" in May 2012 at ArtSpace gallery in Helsinki, Finland. In 2011 I was chosen by the International Fine Art Body Painting Association as an honorary member and one of the 10 best fine art body painters worldwide. This recognition and being awarded second in the world at The World Bodypainting Festival 2013 in Austria for for my skills have encouraged me as an artist and made me committed to advancing fine art body painting around the world.



International Bodypainting Exhibition. Group exhibition. Make-up Artfair. Soeul, South-Korea. 2013

Fine art exhibition for the Chelko Foundation. Group exhibition. Living Art America - Bodies as work of art. Atlanta. USA. 2013.

"Bodyscapes" - fine art body painting exhibition. Solo exhibition. Gallery ArtSpace, Helsinki. 2012

The Professional Make-up Artists of Finland . Group exhibition. The Beauty Show, Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre. 2010