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Winner of the Summer 2011 Competition
Art as a medium for change.
1st Place Winner.jpg
oil on canvas
64 x 48 in
6000. usd        

artist statement

I have been drawing since kindergarten and was later seduced by color into painting. I started out painting abstracts, but found that working in all of the classic painting genres greatly improved my technical reach while providing invaluable lessons towards the practice of painting.  My current style evolved by overlaying my abstract leanings onto my representational work with color as the defining element.

The Boy in the Chicken Mask was created within a series of figurative works, exploring the issues of identity, conformity and alienation.  I believe this work embodies all of these issues.  The boy is forced into a situation to conform to what passes as the norm or what is “Chic” (part of being a Chicken).  Will conforming to this “role” aid in his success in life or hinder it?  What is success?  In his innocence, he sees this empty posing for what it truly is.  But he must risk alienation by revolting against this current “system” to evolve into the man he believes he should be.  It is the challenge we all face living within the constaints of our social standards and practices.  Revolution on a personal level.  To revolt against what is expected of us in order to evolve into the person we believe in our hearts we should be.  For everyone this is different and that is the point.  To allow our differences to define us in a communal situation, which adds to and does not detract from the beautiful tapestry of life.


George Barecca graduated in 1977 from Ramapo College of New Jersey with an MA with a concentration in fine arts. He studied under Robert Bero and Joanna Pousette-Dart.  He then took post-graduate classes at the Pratt School of Art & Design.

He went on to have relationships with interior decorators through which he sold to a variety of collectors. He has been involved in several art groups in NYC with which he has exhibited and sold his work. He had a solo show sponsored by one of his patrons. His work can be found in the collections of both private individuals and public companies.