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                             1st Prize Winner:  FIRED UP! Competition
Sergio Villamizar.jpg  artist:
sergio g. villamizar
north bergen, new jersey


SergioVillamizar3-7-09.jpg   SergioVillamizar2-7-09.jpg   SergioVillamizar1-7-09.jpg
"Saint Petrol"                     $400
Woodcut                      16"x 24"
 "Saint Maya"                        $400
 Woodcut                        16" x 24"
 "Saint Ichthus"                $400
 Woodcut                   16" x 24"

Artist Statement

The Saint Series is a critical examination of political and cultural righteousness in contemporary America. The works were created by co-opting traditional, Western-European woodcutting techniques used for relief printing of Medieval and Byzantine religious tableaus to create pastiches of what the artist’s calls “Saints.” Each image combines strategically chosen socio-political iconography with historical and contemporary pop-culture imagery to fabricate a new patron saint of various, different American values. Each “Saint”, surrounded by those symbols, affects, and trappings that they embody, puts into question the virtues placed on the aspect of American culture they represent.


All the works in the Saint Series started becaused I was “Fired Up” about something I had witnessed or read about and felt compelled to speak up through my art work. The winning image Saint Morphea illustrates the modern mania for self improvement and formulates the following questions: will the persuit of perfection speed up our evolution, or will it cause the de-evolution of humanity? Will it lead to varieties of posthumanity or the death of diversity?