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r o n   e.  p o w e l l








             2nd Prize Winner
                 FIRED UP! Competition
irvington, nj/usa
John 9:13 Self-Portrait
oil on wood/ash
Armor-14 Trust_RonPowell_oil_24x48.jpg   Dragon Lily_RonPowell_oil_11x14.jpg    
Armor 14 Trust                        $3500
Oil on Wood                         24"x 48"
Dragon Lilly                                $500
Oil on Canvas                       11" x 14"

Artist Statement

Ron EA Powell mixes a variety of textures, techniques and styles in his haunting yet strangely tranquil paintings. The sensuous faces of his subjects are often framed by painterly brushwork and expressionist flourishes, but whatever amalgam of techniques he uses, Ron's concern is always the emotional impact of his portraits. At times pensive, contemplative or unabashedly fervent, Ron's subjects reveal themselves to us while remaining enigmatic


Armor depicts the figure being the armor, representing protection for its bearer. The figure in the painting is portrayed as a shell, 'eyes are the window to the soul', removing them creates a mysterious void like atmosphere that adds to the sporadic abstracted backgrounds representing moments in time. Furthermore, by removing the eyes/soul, it is left to the interpretation of the viewer of the figure's true intent and purpose to its possessor. Determining the purpose of the armor can through time be left to one who decides to bear it. As with life you decide to bear and choose the people in your life that will affect the outcome of molding oneself. 
John 9:13 is an interpretation alluding to rebirth and embarking on new paths/journeys. 'They brought to the Pharisees him that aforetime was blind.' -American King James Version .  This painting was done with a method of actually burning the surface of the wood. So in-turn the piece even in technique it was a rebirth from the fiery ashes. 
Dragon Lily is a part of a collection named Hybrid. The flower  seemingly ignited with color is juxtaposed with a background of a face lurking within abstracted designs. The bold use of color and dramatic composition seems to scream for the audience's attention.