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              c o m p e t i t i o n:   inside out 
Oil on canvas
50 x 60 cm
Berlin [Germany] 

artist statement

It took time until i understood, until i truly felt the inevitability of it, that i want to spend my time on this earth with experiencing the world and expressing how i experience it, fighting stagnation, staying open and honest, uncorrupted, non-conform, and getting closer to who i am in the process of living and creating.

I am not just a painter, or photographer, or writer, or performer, and for a while i struggled with my inability to limit myself to one of the above, because i thought it would infer a lack of focus. a friend of mine recently responded, when i voiced my concern about not being able to decide on one thing and be passionate about this one thing which then comes to more or less consequently frame an identity, she said: you do have a passion, it is to be free. I believe one to have many souls, and giving those souls room to breathe then allows growth and development opposed to limitation and reduction and resignation.  In this statement i want to treat my genres of expression individually, because i am drawn to them for different reasons, but to serve this platform i will only address painting and photography.

With my paintings i want to capture an essence, independent of style and form or any theory on aesthetic or technique. my paintings are not supposed to be pretty or decorative but to tell the story of a moment, a moment that i see or even more so feel, and how. i don’t know if it is more a matter of perception or interpretation, but maybe the event of perceiving is already an act of latent, maybe more organic interpretation? i don’t know, but i when i paint, i try to let go, let my inner understanding fill the space and not let my intellectual side dominate as much as it already does in daily life. my main interest lies with human beings, because i find their relationship with themselves as well as with other human beings fascinating. experiencing nature satisfies me on another level- it grounds me, while human emotion and the ability to express them authentically may it be through words, images, singing, playing, dancing, laughing, crying… i find so very inspiring. In my work, i am depicting soundless, even bodiless communication, pure and unpretentious. I’m curious to see where it goes, and maybe one day i’ll also paint more extroverted, loudly screaming beings.

Photography gives me a very different pleasure. there i can style and compose. everything happens according to a more willfully directed, a designed outcome. with the hair and make-up, posture and pose of the model, and the angle, depth and focus, color, and detail of the photo, i try to reveal something beautiful and honest from inside of the model, capture it. I guess i do what i do because i strongly believe in the inner, inherent beauty, the beauty of lifefullness, may it come with sadness, doubt, elevation, desperation, love, questions with and without answers, or pure and complete happiness.


Ayshe Gallé was born in July ’86 in Cologne, Germany, as the only child to a Turkish actress and an Austrian stage designer. She grew up amidst the mountains of Austria before she moved back to Germany alongside her mother after her parents’ divorce.

She finished high school in 2005, majoring in English and art. After years of working and traveling, she chose to study philosophy in Berlin, yet lacking the desired challenge she soon moved to Toronto to complete her studies abroad and coincidentally inside the liberal art system which allowed her to choose from a wide range of electives. Ayshe found in her selection of art classes (including performing arts) what the rest of academia left her unsatisfied with. Answers. She found magical, fluid, and free answers to the unanswerable yet often scientifically dissected questions of philosophy in artistic expression.

She has always been drawn to painting, and looking through the lens with an editing eye, and performing on stage, and writing, but not until a year or so into her studies did she discover that she indeed needed those means of expression in order to fight her frustration with the systems that she repeatedly tried to adapt to but which ultimately only evoked inside of her feelings of being trapped and chained, dependant, bitter, and lost.

Since then, the periods in which she doesn’t paint tend to become unbearable after a while; she has done fotoshoots for musicians and designers; and she has written three plays, two of which she put on stage in Toronto, and the latest which is currently in process and will be part of a theater festival in Berlin at the end of February.

If you were to ask her why she commits to those things that won’t provide security- neither financially- nor emotionally, since being one with the moment of creating bears just as often pain and insecurity as it brings joy and confidence, she’d say: “In those things, more than anywhere else, I find home.”