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k i r k   k a i n



whittier, ca/USA 
acrylic on canvas 
1000. USD

artist statement

My artistic goals are simple, to be true to my vision of beauty. I am not necessarily interested in portraying "true to life" representations, but in creating and capturing a feeling, mood, or context that will inspire the viewer to share that experience. I work from what comes to me organically, from pictures in my head that won't let me sleep until I've put them down. My work references realism, but with a twist of whimsy. I want the viewer to feel like they've been there too—they know that particular silence, that excitement, or that despair.

My entry relates to the LGBT theme through an exploration of the beauty of the human body, in this case a male body.


I’m a self-taught artist who is only starting my journey as a promoting artist. I’m interested in creating art that I see as beautiful. I hope that my art inspires and connects with the viewer, evoking a certain mood or context. I primarily work in acrylic on canvas, but have recently begun producing art on cardboard and working with pastels.

One of my earliest inspirations was one of my grandmother’s paintings- a bird flying in the snow- beautiful. Joseph Stella’s paintings of Brooklyn Bridge and Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings also are two artists who inspired me as a child. The kind of art that inspires me is something that can be viewed over and over again- each time revealing another aspect.

I’ve exhibiting my art at several establishments in Long Beach. The City of Brea included my work in their 24th Annual 2009 “Made In California” show. Long Beach Arts, a non-profit arts agency recently selected me as a participating artist in their 2010 California Open Exhibition.