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LGBT COMPETITION -  2nd Place Winner

Alyssa Jones-BEST FRIEND
Alyssa Jones-BEST FRIEND
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alyssa jones
san francisco, ca/USA 
Best Friend

artist statement

If I had to use one word to describe my work, I would choose ‘raw’. I find beauty in the factual, realistic, flawed, unsubtle, and unrestrained.  I am constantly motivated and inspired by the individuals in my life, and I feel, as an artist and member of the LGBT community it is my duty to create powerful imagery that shows the unrefined and sometimes painful beauty of the LGBT world, and the individuals that reside there.


I’d like to think that I exited the womb, purple and covered in placenta, holding a Canon AE-1 in my tiny newborn hand, but I highly doubt this was the case (although the womb would make a great place to load film, since it’s a light tight space).  Since my grand entrance from the safe warm tummy of my mother, I’ve dabbled in almost every genre of photography. And after years of searching, I finally found myself a comfortable spot in the world of fine art and portraiture.

As impressive as it would sound for me to say I graduated with an MA in photography, I didn’t.  I also don’t believe you need to go to a fancy college, expensive art school, or trade school, in order to pursue your passion.  My ‘career’ in photography, was built solely on my love and unhealthy obsession for the art. Since I haven’t been spending my early twenties in a cramped dorm room, wearing a University of whatever sweatshirt and playing round after round of beer pong, I had to find alternative methods to peruse photography.  In lieu of college, I spent a year, working 40 hours a week, unpaid, at a photography internship in the Bayview area of San Francisco.  Most of my internship was spent hand processing roll after roll of Ilford HP5, scanning negatives, and dealing with the emotional roller coaster of working, in a studio, with a handful of creative people.  I consumed alcohol, used my first Hasselblad, and felt a pang of sadness when my internship came to an end, so in many ways, it was my faux college experience.

Nowadays I spend my time doing environmental portrait series’, usually local artists and musicians.  In addition to fine art work, I have also found myself in the sex industry. I am a set photographer/photo editor for Pink and White Production’s Crash Pad Series, which is authentic lesbian/dyke/trans/queer porn.  What are my plans for the future? Don’t die, and don’t become homeless.  I like to keep it simple.