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J U R O R ' S   I N F O

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ANDERS KNUTSSON WAS BORN IN Malmö, Sweden where he studied art and engineering. In 1967 he came to the United States and became a citizen in 1976. He has lived in Illinois, Ohio, California, Vermont and since 1977 in New York City. His work has been exhibited since 1972 in over 35 one-man shows and 40 group shows.
In 1980, Knutsson began working with pigments that have unique phosphorescent properties, with traditional ground color pigments and acrylic medium, or oil and wax. Different from the typical pigments that reflect light, these pigments emit colored light in the dark. Fifteen years ago, Knutsson began painting trees. For him, trees are a visually powerful way to express light, organic form and the not-so-flat world. The trees that he paints are actual trees that grow in the area where he lives or has visited. To Knutsson, trees are symbols of strength, endurance and longevity — not only practical providers of shade, oxygen, shelter, fruit. They are metaphors for life and carry universal and eternal symbolism (such as the tree of Life, of Knowledge, the Buddha tree, Yggdrasil).

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