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d u r a n d   s e a y

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durand seay
atlanta, ga/USA 
oil on canvas
46" x 56"
4500. USD

artist statement

My work focuses on the growth and decay of organic and structural systems and forms. Tragic and disjointed imagery collide, creating dense yet ambiguous environments. Complex, emotionally charged landscapes explore the concrete and ethereal through bodily systems and constructional diagrams.

I choose to combine the familiar with the ghostly and delicate. These ideas manifest as graphite drawings, animated video and sculpture.

This piece of work fits the theme because I feel that it has been a personal best in perpetuating new work and a new direction.


    The work is surrealistic in nature, creating a representation of the subconscious mind through fantastic or narrative imagery that pursues a symbolism of our spiritual connections. With Seay's intuitive nature, his work is guided by spontaneity, expressing a language driven by structures or forms found in nature. Durand Seay's work, like an architect, presents that examination of movement, an expression of time in space. His thinking is that of a camera, capturing that instant feeling of the wind against ones face.

Durand Seay's artwork is influenced by three movements of art, the Cubists, the Italian Futurists and Surrealists. Seay, being also one to utilize photography in his work, studied the advent of strobe lighting. This provided photographers the ability to study and dissect movement through producing multiple images. Subsequently, the art of the Cubists was born. Seay's cubist influence is found in the intuitive nature of Picasso.  The Italian Futurist, Boccioni pursued the exploration of movement as a relationship of the object to its surrounding space. Unlike his Cubist counter parts, Boccioni was expressing movement three dimensionally through sculpture. Two dimensional concepts became form. Like Boccioni, Seay's art explores that same three dimensional expression, but as an architect doing his drawings on two dimensional surfaces. Finally, Seay's pursuit of symbolism, expressing narratives towards balance, spirituality, and human nature, within his surrealistic expressions is further understood through the likes of work by Dali.

Graduating from Auburn University in Architecture, he also attended University of Georgia to extend his skills in art and his understanding of painting. His work has been exhibited in numerous juried exhibitions all over the southeast since 1978, and recently in 2009 "Imaginary Journeys", Trevisan Arte Internationale invitational exhibition, Ferarra, Italy. His history of awards precedes him with the following selected examples:

2008 First Place in Oil and Acrylic category, Hilton Head Art League National Juried Exhibition, Hilton Head, SC.

2008 Purchase Award, SouthWorks Juried Exhibition, Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation, Watkinsville, GA.

2003 Award of Excellence, Alabama Exhibition, Rosa Parks Museum, Montgomery, AL.

1990, 1989, 1986, 1985, 1984 Best of Show, Montgomery Museum's Montgomery Art Guild Exhibition, Montgomery, AL.

1987 Best in Pastel Category, Metro Art International Competition, New York,                                       New York.


Durand Seay's works are found in the collections of:

Montgomery Arts Council

Blount International

Montgomery Art Guild

Alabama Power Company

Alabama Gas Corporation

Southern Progress

Sony Corporation