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l e w i s   g.  ha w k i n s   

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lewis g. hawkins
santa fe, new mexico/USA 
mixed media
14.75"h x 17.75" w x 5"d
3,600. USD

artist statement

The work is from The Theater of the Surreal, where life meets dreams, mystery and ambiguities engage the viewer's imagination and each person will write their own story as to what they see and discover.

All of the works start with a singular idea which begets the next and so on, not unlike automatic writing or jazz improvisation albeit much slower. With the creation of each work the process is taping into inner thoughts and dreams giving each work a semi-autobiographical reference, coming from somewhere within the subconscious. Hopefully expressing what is the best in me.

Take A Chance Take A Spin is using the idea of the crazy eight ball as a metaphor and is portrayed by the gold leafed cowboy which is attached to a motor and can spin and be stopped to forecast your future by where the guns are pointing. The work also shares some of my history, moving from the East coast to the desert Southwest, taking a chance on a new life. 

The use of many varied mediums is part of the energy and evolution of each work. The challenges can be different from one work to the next never knowing what is coming next or how to make it. Lighting the works from within gives each work it's own sense of theater and how the look and feel can change as you turn on and off different lights.

I am attracted to and influenced by Rene Magritte, the thinking mans Surrealist. Like Magritte, I like the idea of engaging the viewer with mystery and intrigue, that nothing is literal or as it appears. We all need to take another look.


    Professional Experience
    1977 - 1994 Associate Professor of Fine Arts
     Maryland College of Art and Design, Silver Spring, Maryland
   Taught all levels of painting, drawing and foundation design. Created a relief printmaking class for advanced fine arts students.
1978 - 1990 Gallery Director
     Maryland College of Art and Design, Silver Spring, Maryland
Responsible for all facets of six shows each school year. Created a juried high school competition offering scholarships to the college. Created an in-house juried show inviting professional artists to judge the show and give a seminar lecture.
1973 - 1974 Art Director 
The Bethlehem Center, Charlotte, North Carolina
Hired under a Federal Grant to create art appreciation in an urban city center.


Juried Exhibitions

1986 - Central Atlantic Art Exhibition, Weinberg Center for the Arts, Fredrick, Maryland
1986 - 14th Annual National Exhibition, Pastel Society of America, National Arts Club, New York, NY
1986 - "Ambiguous Relationships" - multimedia Juried Exhibition, Strathmore Hall Arts Center, Rockville, Maryland
1985 - "On a Grander Scale", The Montpelier Cultural Arts Center, Laurel, Maryland
1982 - Rappahannock Realism '82, The Fredricksburg Center for the Creative Arts,
Fredricksburg, Virginia
1982 - 18th Annual Academy of the Arts Show, Easton, Maryland
1982 - 36th Annual Montgomery County Arts Show, Rockville, Maryland
1982 - 10th Annual National Exhibition of Works on Paper, Second Street Gallery,
Charlottesville, Virginia
1976 - The 5th Davidson National Print and Drawing Competition, Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina
1974 - The 3rd Davidson National Print and Drawing Competition, Davidson College,
Davidson, North Carolina
1974 - The North Carolina Mint Museum Realist Show, The Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina
1973 - The 36th Annual North Carolina Artist Exhibition, The Museum of Art, Raleigh, North Carolina

Solo Exhibitions 

1987 - Mickelson Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1980 - The Maryland College of Art & Design, Silver Spring, Maryland
1974 - The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina


Group Exhibitions 

1988 - 24th Annual Group Show, Mickelson Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1986 - 22nd Annual Group Show, Mickelson Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1985 - The Washington Art Community Self Portraits, Jane Haslem Gallery,
Washington, D.C.
1985 - Faculty Show, Maryland College of Art & Design, Spectrum Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1985 - 21st Annual Group Show, Mickelson Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1984 - 20th Annual Group Show, Mickelson Gallery, Washington, D.C.



1974 - 1976 Masters of Fine Arts 
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, North Carolina
1969 - 1973 Bachelor of Fine Arts 
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia


Other Related Experience 

1996 - 1998 Designed and constructed initial house
2002 - 2006 Design and construction of studio and garage addition and completion of house