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Spring 2015 Competition:


expressionism, surrealism and other mind-expanding isms

1st Place Winner

Medium:  acrylic on panel
Size:  12 x 16 in
Price: 1000. usd

artist statement

 "New Yolk" was created on the heels of a series of black-and-white paintings of eggs.  It was an attempt to get "back-to-basics" after a long period of extensive explorations in color, and an egg was chosen as the central feature as a symbol of germination, as I had no idea where this direction would lead. However, as the progression of the works began to stray away from realistic still life and into a more surrealist and dream-like territory I decided that I needed to reintroduce color.  I picked red, white and blue specifically for the "New Yolk" name, which came to me along with the idea of an intact egg breaking out of its own shell - the seed of a new idea emerging from the last one as new inspirations succeed the last.

artist bio

Shirzad Khusrokhan was born in Bombay and grew up creating images emblazoned with the wildly bright colors and fantastic imagery of his native India.

Shirzad’s paintings tend to be diverse due to a process that he has honed over the course of many years:  an improvisation on canvas with no pre-conceived direction is almost always the first step.  The resulting image tends to invoke random visual associations in a manner similar to a Rorshach test or staring at clouds.  Once the spark of an idea has been summoned, he paints it.  Often this means reworking a composition numerous times as new ideas present themselves.  The finished image tends to have little in common with its origins.


Over the years Shirzad has welcomed input from others viewing his works-in-progress, and with the advent of social media, the target for these Rorshach tests has grown.   Many comments on evolving images posted on his facebook page have ended up being incorporated into his work, as  he continues to challenge himself to paint a thematically, stylistically, and conceptually diverse range of ideas.


Shirzad has a Bachelors in Studio Art from  Lawrence University in Appleton, WI.  He lives in New York City, creating works on canvas alongside both a career in Technology and involvement in New York’s music scene.


 other work by the artist


shirzad khusrokhan
New York, NY[USA] 

art scene today Q & A

Q: Where do you see yourself in the art scene today?
A:  I've always found it hard to identify with a movement in today's art scene because my work is so dependent on its improvisational process and being willing to turn on a dime.  Staying true to that ideal means that the resulting artwork tends to vary immensely, which doesn't easily lend itself to fitting within a specific idiom.
Q: What is in your inspiration?
A:  I find inspiration through improvisation. Very rarely will I approach a canvas with a result in mind, and when I do it usually changes drastically as I develop the work. I find no reason to stay attached to an idea if a better one presents itself, and the best ones always emerge from impulsive changes in direction. For me, the process is exciting precisely because the destination is unknown – every canvas remains a problem waiting to be solved, a jumble of color and shapes that demands to be worked out.I am very interested in understanding how we seek order in ambiguity.  The brain’s tendency to identify patterns, symbols and concepts is the basis for the evolution of intelligence on our planet.  And creativity is the result of that intelligence perceiving new and unique patterns.
Q: What are your challenges?
A: Exposing works in progress, as I like to do to illustrate my process and welcome input, does not always end in success.  Much like jazz musicians going out on a limb, not every trajectory is fruitful.  I like to believe that the successes make the failures worth it, but it's hard to keep faith in what you're doing when it isn't going your way.
Q: How did you/do you choose your medium?
A: Acrylics lend themselves to abrupt changes in direction and rework which would be impossible with oils or watercolor.
Q: Which artist has influenced you the most?
A: The Beatles :-)



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