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Winner of the Winter 2011 Competition
Artwork that brings an inanimate object/objects to life. 
An exploration of the use of objects in a body of work.
2nd Place Winner.jpg
POTATO          mixed media
48 x 12 x 12 in    NFS 
CATERPILLAR   mixed media
7in x 11in x 5ft 6in          nfs
 BRIDE       mixed media
 3 x 3 x 5 ft     850. usd

artist statement

Replacement Parts
My art is my own forum in which to react not only to the world outside of me but to myself.  Who I am is how I feel, what I have become and am becoming.  My soul is sometimes fractured mirror I hold up to nature and struggle to make sense out of the pieces.  Fusing or melding one material to another to create a visual harmony between two unrelated materials is how I deal with struggle because being human is necessary, not easy.  

This series of wheeled creatures began one day when I was sitting in my studio working on a piece and I looked down on the table at the old set of training wheels laying there.  I had been dealing with a low back injury that created bi-lateral leg pain and numbness.  I thought what a relief it would be to be able to pop my legs off and pop those wheels on and roll around for a while free of pain. Replacement parts.  I would be amiss not mentioning a painter that I went to school with, Aubrey Lerner, whose paintings are realistic combinations of industrial manmade combined with nature. 

In making “Potato,” I found myself being pulled into the simplicity and wonderment of childhood.  This wheeled series turned into push/pull toys for very unusual children.   They hearken back to a time when pure joy and comfort came from the simple act of pushing the popcorn popper toy or pulling the little brown dog whose legs went up and down and made a squeaking sound. 


Annette Yoho Feltes is a mixed media sculpture artist residing in Canton Ohio. She worked as a neuromuscular therapist for twelve years prior to receiving her degree in Art in 2009.  She earned a BFA in sculpture from the University of Akron with a minor in ceramics and a BA in English.  She is currently applying to graduate school with the intention of earning an MFA in Sculpture and broadening her use of materials and mediums in her work.

2009 BFA Sculpture, Minor Ceramics; The University of Akron.
BA English; The University of Akron.

Solo Exhibitions
2010 Solo Show; Balanced. Red Light Gallery, Akron.
2009 Senior Exhibition; Surface. Akrona Gallery, Akron.
2009 The Miami Experience. Project?s Gallery, Myer?s School of Art.
2008 Junior Review; Lower Atrium Space, Myers School of Art, Akron.
2008 Wood, Wax, and Other Stuff; Projects Gallery, Myers School of Art.

Group Exhibitions
 The 50 Dollar Show--The Pop Shop, Lakwood Ohio.
Heartspark Dollar Signs(February)--The Pop Shop, Lakwood Ohio.
Monkey Bars (March)--The Pop Shop, Lakwood Ohio.
Blind Date (May)--Anderson Creative, Canton Ohio.
6th Anniversary Show (May)--The Pop Shop, Lakwood Ohio.

Visions of Sugar Plums--Cyrus Custom Framing and Gallery, Canton Ohio
Deck the Walls--Anderson Creative, Canton, Ohio.
Can I Play With It? ; Atrium Space, Myers School of Art.
Juried Student Show; EJ Thomas Hall, University of Akron.
The Cone Box Show; NCECA, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
All the Difference, Works in Clay; Emily Davis Gallery, Akron 2005
Cream; Lower Atrium Space, Myer?s School of Art, Akron.
Juried Student Show; Emily Davis Gallery, Akron.

Studio 2091, Cuyahoga Falls.
2nd April Galerie, Canton Ohio
Akrona Gallery, Akron Ohio
Cyrus Custom Framing and Gallery, Canton Ohio