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Winner of the Winter 2011 Competition
Artwork that brings an inanimate object/objects to life. 
An exploration of the use of objects in a body of work.
3rd Place Winner.jpg
sculpture   20 x 20 x 6 in
2000. usd
 sculpture   16 x 16 x 6 in 
 1200. usd
sculpture   18 x 12 x 9 in 900. usd                                                                                                                                         

artist statement

Tacit, organic, and arguably conceptual, my artwork explores the metaphoric ties that bind the human experience with the natural world. Veiled glimpses of the physiological intersect randomly with distant galaxies; the biotic and abiotic worlds collide in agitated bliss, and life assumes different but hopelessly ephemeral meaning even while integrated into masculine, three-dimensional form.  


Steven Rey Fujimoto was raised in Culver City, California at a time when the city was known less for its art galleries and more for the culture found at the Helms Bakery, MGM Studios, and the otherworldly Robert Frost auditorium located on campus grounds. 

His training began in earnest at the age of eight when he was given a sumi ink set by his grandmother.  Further training came in the form of pinewood derby action at local Pack 192.  The cars that his father insisted on designing, carving, and painting himself went on to garner top awards in both design and speed competitions.  His father placed emphasis on smooth lines, flawless finish, low aerodynamic drag, and discrete placement of lead sinkers to favorably bias the weight distribution. Steven carries on the same sensibility in his art:  A cozy balance between the esthetics and the technical, a shared interest in both concept and materials -- and thus a harmonious equilibrium of activity among the lobes. 

He also insists that he design and execute his son’s science fair projects in their totality.

April 2011 “Not A C.A.R.”  (Gallery 825, West Hollywood, CA)
April 2011 “Earth”  (2nd City Council Gallery, Long Beach, CA)
January 2011 “Ground Control” (Subspace Art Gallery, Culver City, CA)
January 2011 “Hecho a Mano” (Gallery 825, West Hollywood, CA)