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about diane boisvert

Diane Boisvert is a French Canadian professional artist and former gallerist, living in New York. Born and raised in the province of Quebec, Canada her desire to travel brought her to Europe and Africa, which proved to be a life changing experience and helped in awakening her passion for and pursuing the visual arts. She completed 2 years of fine art at the Cegep of the Vieux Montreal and spent 4 years at Concordia University pursuing a major in painting, studying with the late Jean Mc Ewen.

Boisvert moved to the United States in 1988. In the early nineties she studied the Fresco painting technique in Gualala, California with the late Stephen Pope Dimitroff and the late Lucienne Bloch, who assisted Diego Rivera during the 1930’s.  Here another passion comes to fruition. In 1989 she started “Fresco Movement’, a company specializing in high-end plaster finishes. In 2000 she opened Diane Boisvert Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, which operated as a contemporary art gallery until 2005. The gallery remains active online today.

For several years now she has dedicated herself to a series of wall sculptures entitled:

The Kimono Series (1990-2011) are works constructed of scrap metal that is hammered, nailed down and assembled and attached to skeletons of wood. The joining of the feminine, elegant Japanese kimono and the rough materials used bri ngs an intriguing juxtaposition to life.

Suspension Series(1991-2011) are a postmodern ‘homage’ to the natural and industrial environment we live in. Small sculptures created from used materials are suspended inside newly constructed wooden frames with wires and industrial hooks, embracing the old by the new.

Expansion Series (2011) is a site-specific project for ‘the Healing Art Gallery’ at Ellenville Regional Hospital.  I explored the concept  ‘le plein et le vide’, positive and negative space within. Staying consistent in using found materials like old piano pieces, brass, wire, zinc, wood etc., a series of assemblages was created by one work flowing into the next, visualizing ‘Expansion’ within and outside the work.

Diane's work has been shown nationally and internationally including: Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris, France, Grand Palais, Paris, Cornelia Street Gallery in New York City, 450 Gallery, New York City, Atelier Zones Gallery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.


"The process of exploration is just as crucial as the moment of actually making the work.  I create series of assemblages made of earthy and crude materials like found wood, scrap metal, limestone, wire and found or new hardware, concerned with light, space, perspective and impression. The work exudes dedication, emotion and raw energy."