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Winner of the Winter 2013 Competition
The World Through My Eyes
An artist's perspective on the world and its inhabitants
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mixed media, 13 x 13 in

artist statement

As an artist, I'm interestd in how the themes of meeting in exchange of mating intersect and remain apart. I purposefully dislodge notions of the body as the mirrored object on its own by revealing the lighthearted kitsch still present even in the darkest corners of contemporary culture. My end result goal is a viewing experience which is at once intimate, confusing, observational and humorous.


Christian Hogue was born in Montreal, Canada in 1970 and currently lives and works in Miami Beach, Florida.  His professional background in architectural design has primarily focused on building retail sites for Apple, Willams-Sonoma, HSBC and Starbucks. Within the last decade, his attention to surface, form and the synthesis of nature and industry have spilled over into an unusual artistic practice.

Addressing questions of gender roles, identity crises and queer theory with a wistful nod to the pleasures of Pop culture, Christian Hogue presents a series of dolls (ranging from Barbie and Ken to G.I. Joe and Tom of Finland) contorted into strange positions against mirrored surfaces. Apart from placing these dolls into sexually suggestive poses, Christian considers the possibility of such an object (the physical embodiment of the uncanny and the innocent) possessing a complex, possibly a self-awareness. In 2012 his work was shown at Art Basel, Miami.


1998-2000 MA Architecture (With Honors), Washington University, St. Louis
1996-1997 MA Architecture (Honorific Scholarship), Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles
1993-1996 BA Environmental Design, University du Quebec, Montreal