art that makes you go WOW!

Masalatime-Art with Words.jpg  Art Made With Words

Drawings and paintings made up completely of words and letters.  Can you spell meticulous?


 Dirty Car Art Gallery  by Scott Wade

Car Art.jpg

What do you get when you cross DaVinci with Van Gogh and their car is in need of a good wash?  GO TO WEBSITE


art or NOT!

Ida Skivenes-Toast Art ArtSceneToday is always on the lookout for new movements, trends or mavericks in the art world. Here are our picks of work that begs the question:  Art or NOT?  You be the judge!


people to watch


Inspirational Videos

Scouring the internet for info, inspiration and stuff, we discovered, riveting talks by remarkable people, some of which are pretty damn good.  We'll post videos here that can inspire, motivate and provoke.


The New Look of Galleries

ArtSceneToday checks out the  hipster art scene in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY at a visit with Esther Nash, former designer and model, at her quirky space, The Townhouse Art Gallery.

Cristina Tafuri in Gallery.jpg  
The Making of a Curator

Check out the behind the scenes look at a curatorial debut with this expose on Cristina Tafuri and her 5 artists as she puts together a Chelsea show.

Blind Artists

See the amazing work of artists with limited or no sight.

Ai Weiwei: Artist as Dissident

Read the back story on the Chinese artist whose arrest has caused a stir thoughout the art community worldwide.

15 minutes of fame
Bravo Work of Art.jpg
Reality Shows Go High Brow:
Work of Art...The Next Great Artist
See our take on this new reality show in a take-off of Project Runway that pits artist against artist to win an exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum among other things.