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esther nash's townhouse gallery

ArtSceneToday goes to Brooklyn to check out the look of young art galleries in the new millenium.

the gallery:  t h e   t o w n h o u s e 


Situated in Park Slope, Brooklyn, The TownHouse Art Gallery serves up group exhibitions amidst antiques and live music in a quirky, non-traditional setting.  Open only 2 days each week, the gallery features a wide range of work by local emerging artists in a mix of paintings, photography and mixed media.  

the gallerist:  e s t h e r   n a s h

Esther Nash, a native New Yorker and daughter of artists, is the epitome of a chick on a quest. After a successful career in the fashion world as designer and model, Esther decided to branch out into the art scene by opening a gallery in trendy Park Slope, Brooklyn in 2010.
ArtSceneToday attended a recent reception and talked to Esther and some of the artists on exhibition.

artscenetoday Q&A

What about the current art scene influenced (or possessed) you to open a gallery in today's economy?  Explain your vision and how you differ from other galleries?
Growing up in New York City, I had to decide early on which path to follow as a career. I want to assist other young people to make the right choice for themselves. If a child has talent it should be developed, this gallery would give those without resources the ability to have their work developed and exposed to the Art World and the public via art studios, workshops and the gallery space. Through the creation of this art space I seek to to encourage ART both as a career path and as a creative outlet. 
Why  Park Slope, Brooklyn?
Brooklyn is where the talent is! 
What challenges did you and currently face?
Recession, no art grants, high costs of maintenance, receptions, advertising.
Are you and the artists you represent able to make money?
It is too soon to tell-as the gallery is just a kid in the life cycle of the art world.
What other benefits do artists have exhibiting in a gallery like TownHouse? 
More individual attention, greater exposure and opportunity, social networking and the ability to  catapult their art career to the next step in their professional path. Once you have exhibited at the townhouse art gallery you have joined the family, become a member and always a friend. We have meet and greets with NY based artists like Shelly Nash, a red carpet and celebrity photographer, and Dorothy Nash, a seasoned sketch and oiln painter as well as former NYC Public HS teacher! 
What has been the reaction in the neighborhood both by residents and other art galleries?  
Neighborhood loves the gallery.  Park Slope is a hip place with many local artists and art lovers. Especially the 2nd Street scenesters, they are all smiles and give plenty of ncouragement. The gallery provides a cultural outlet and an educational opportunity. As far as I can tell other local galleries are excited to see the interest growing. 
What suggestions do you have for artists seeking gallery representation?
Submit your work-you never know unless you try. Good Luck and I look forward to seeing your work.  All interested can submit directly to me at enashdesigner@gmail.com.
What's your advice to people buying art for the first time?
When you purchase art from an emerging artist you make an investment in their future.  Just buy what you love then you can never be unhappy with your selection.  It also makes a memorable gift.

the future:  y o u t h   a r t   g a l l e r y
The Townhouse Art Gallery has applied for not-for-profit 501-C-3 status to provide young artists with an opportunity to develop and showcase their art work in a gallery.  All types of art  mediums will be included such as design, fashion, film, photography, video, performance art, sculpture, painting, life drawing, pop art, conceptual art, audio art, and other visual art mediums. They seek to expand the dialogue of art by showing work that may not otherwise be represented in commercial for-profit galleries.  There will also be special accommodations for young artists that may suffer from emotional, audio, visual or mental impairments.