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Winter 2017 Competition:



2nd Place Winner

Digital image on high gloss aluminum
20 x 20 in
300. usd

artist statement

This work is a study of how nature and power rhyme.  It is a glimpse into my world of candy-colored sensual puzzles displayed on high gloss aluminum. Can I draw you in closer to feel comforted yet disturbed?  Is this science fiction? Science illustration?  The viewer is pulled in to play and explore…. and wonder if these are mirrors. 

GIRL WITH A NON-PEARL EARRING WITH TREES is my version of the 1665 Vermeer painting GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING. The girl has been rotated from the1665 position so that we are viewing what she is looking at. You are pulled in by the detail of the work, the symmetry of the trees and the fractal tattoos covering her. It is my current version of the puzzle [on high gloss aluminum]. 

artist bio

Paul Pinzarrone is a Chicago-area artist who holds a BFA in painting from the University of Illinois. He uses airbrush, photography and fractal software to create aluminum, metallic paper and plexiglas puzzles. 

2016 exhibitions include a solo show at De Luna Fine Art, Freeport IL, Self-Portrait National Juried, Chicago; Future So Bright national juried, Woodstock IL, 3-person show at the Artery, Rock Island, ILand juried exhibitions at Freeport Art Museum, Light Space and Time [Open and Fugurative], Starline at Harvard juried and Creek Gallery juried. 

Pinzarrone has also shown at Zhou B Art Center Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago Biennial Juried, Rockford Midwestern Juried [IL], BFAI Beloit WI solo exhibitions, Scottsdale AZ Biennale Juried, KAS juried, Louisville KY, TAC juried, Highland Park IL, Beverly Art Center Chicago juried, 3-person U of WI Madison and solo exhibitions at Kortman Gallery [Rockford,IL], U of WI Kenosha, Gilman Gallery Chicago, Horwich Gallery Chicago, Gloria Luria Gallery Miami and others. 

Artwork currently available at De Luna Fine Art WEBSITE 

 other work by the artist

Paul Pinzarrone

paul pinzarrone

Machesney Park, NC [USA]

art scene today Q & A

Q: Where do you see yourself in the art scene today?
A: My role is to work hard every day, challenging myself to meet my high [and rising] expectations. I expect to explore, produce and share the work the best I can. If others find it & bond with it,
Q: What is in your inspiration?
A: This work is a running dialogue. Each one is my version of layers of imagery and history. It is my 'job' to take what works well and push it in the next piece... new materials, new approach, more layers... Is it new? Does it challenge the viewer? Does it challenge me? Is
there a high level of energy and play? Does it celebrate sensuality?
Q: What are your challenges?
A: Biggest challenge that artist face today is the "business" of art. Artists need to keep their work from being contaminated by money, by external pressures and following 'expected' paths. Artists are steered by so many external forces, it can be hard to keep the work pure. [When artists show at art fairs and their browns / creams sell out but high color new work does not, what runs through their heads when they are about to start a new piece?]
Q: How did you/do you choose your medium?
A: It must be new to attract me. If it fits the imagery I am exploring, fine. The technique & process must follow the ideas and if the imagery changes direction, so must the process. 
Q: Which artist has influenced you the most?
A:  The 1st piece I saw that captured me was a Paul Wunderlich painting. The Dutch & Italian Renaissance painters still teach me craftsmanship today.  

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