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Summer 2015 Competition:


exploring borders and frontiers within and without

1st Place Winner

digital photography
13 x 19 in
450. usd

artist statement

My background as both an actor and photographer influence my process as I create work and aim to tell narratives that generate reflection.  In my work I constantly experience the mutual influence of content and context and how they can be used to even manipulate each other.  The camera provides me the opportunity to take fleeting moments out of their context and create a new, different story. Sometimes the work is an impetus to consider a variety of possible stories that are behind the final piece.

We leave traces of ourselves in the homes we create, and eventually abandon, while we carry those memories forever inside of us. "Ghost In A Shell" explores the boundaries of identity between humans and home environments. My subjects are nude and stripped from their material sources of identity so that they interact at their most basic, human level.  In a multiple layered process, the photographed subjects and their surrounding start to merge, thereby intertwining personal identities and place.

artist bio


Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany), Magister Artium (MA equivalent), Modern German Literature and Communication Science (2003-09)
Staatlich gen. Schauspielstudio Gmelin (Conservatory equivalent), Munich, Germany, Staatlich anerkannter Schauspieler (B.A. equivalent in Acting and Drama) (1997-2000)

Erich Gutenberg Business College, Köln, Germany, EDV-Kaufmann (License as qualified data processing expert/ software engineer) (1994-1997)


New England School of Photography, Boston, MA, Studio Lightning (2012)
Portrait and studio lighting classes by Joe McNally, Brian Smith, Robert Seale, New York City, NY (2012)



2015   The National: Best Contemporary Photography 2015 / Group Show/Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, IN
           Who Might I Be / Group Show / Nave Gallery, Somerville, MA
           Trinity Arts Juried Photography Show / Group Show / Trinity Gallery, Lakeville, CT
           Animals / Group Show / Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, Online

2014    Camera II / Group show / Artwell Gallery, Torrington, CT

2013    Emerging ARTist / Group show / Five Points Gallery, Torrington, CT
           Show for a Show / Group show / Artwell Gallery, Torrington, CT

2012    America, i / Solo show / Kunstkabinett S. M., Bonn, Germany

2011    Skewed Demographic / Group show / Queens Museum of Art, NY
           The White Eye / Solo show / Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich, Germany

2010    The Black and the White Eye / Solo show / Kunstkabinett S.M., Bonn, Germany

2008    Planet Aqua / Group show / Sapporo, Japan


Harper’s Bazaar / ELLE / inhabitat NEW YORK / School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston / UNESCO Chair in Theatre and Culture / SPIEGELOnline / COUCH Magazine / Bavarian StateTheatre / Publisher Droemer Knaur / Art Act Magazine



Vermont Studio Center, Summer residency with partial merit award, Johnson, Vermont (May-June 2015)


Mark-Roemisch-1st Place Wiiner

mark römisch
Boston, Massachusetts [USA] 

art scene today Q & A

Q: Where do you see yourself in the art scene today?
A:  I follow what is going on in the art scene whenever I find the time, but it is more out of curiosity than to compare or position myself. I follow my instinct and inspiration, create my work, and then I put it out there. I believe that everything else will follow. 
Q: What is in your inspiration?
A: The dominant drive in my life is an enduring curiosity and passion for the absurdities of life.  Thus, I find inspiration in a variety of forms and shapes. I am bored by repetition, perfection and stagnation. Reversely, my attention is particularly attracted to the unusual- the imperfection on the surface, interrupted patterns and odd moments that are out of the ordinary. I search for the fleeting moments that can lead to a larger visual narrative and work of art. These moments can be inspired by the work of a fellow visual artist, a location, a book, by the daily news, or even by a song.  Two of my series are based on Radiohead and Tom Waits songs.
Q: What are your challenges?
A: My greatest challenge is probably channeling and balancing my curiosity and weeding through my many ideas.  Selecting and pursuing one particular project, means conversely rejecting other projects, which can be quite frustrating at times. 
Q: How did you/do you choose your medium?
A: Photography came almost naturally to me.  Through my father’s passion and excellence in the medium, I was constantly exposed while growing up to photographs, Super 8 films and camera equipment. 
It was many years later that I began to pursue photography as a serious art form myself though.  Initially I studied acting and directing, where I focused on creating long, self-contained narratives.  In contrast to being the focal point when on stage, I enjoyed the distance photography opens up between me and the subject.  I started seeing how the medium enabled me to capture an entire story in one frozen moment and let imagination of the viewer create the preceding and following scenes.
Q: Which artist has influenced you the most?
A: I find inspiration in a range of artists and pieces.  Some of the artists whose work never fails to touch me and to make me think outside the box are Gerhard Richter, Wolfgang Tillmans, Axel Hütte, Ryan McGinley, Anton Corbijn, Francesca Woodman, Lars von Trier, Wim Wenders, and Radiohead.  And there is also my late acting teacher Dorothea Gmelin.  Her influence goes beyond a piece of artwork, her view on the world as an artist literally changed my life.