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     100 Great Blogs for Art Students & Enthusiasts    

Art History and Museums

Visit these blogs to explore the history of art and learn more about places where you can see it in person.
  1. About.com: Art History: Learn about famous artists, periods and more on this introductory art history site.
  2. The Art History Blog: Improve your knowledge of the origins and important figures in art history on this blog.
  3. Indianapolis Museum of Art Blog: Through this blog you can find out what is going on at this museum and in the art scene of Indiana.
  4. UCLA Arts Library Art and Art History Blog: Here you’ll be able to read about new additions to this art library, get tips for research and learn more about art history.
  5. The Modern: The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth maintains this blog, with posts and information on new exhibits and collections at the museum.
  6. SFMOMA: Here you’ll find updates and information about the collections at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
  7. Hankblog: On this blog you’ll get info on exhibitions, programs, events, and arts issues from the staff at the Henry Art Gallery.
  8. Art History Newsletter: Read the latest news about art, old and new, on this regularly updated site.
  9. CR Blog: This site will help you learn about all kinds of issues in visual communication.

Art News

These blogs will help you stay in the loop when it comes to happenings in the art world.
  1. Art For A Change: Check out this blog for posts and information about art that addresses important political issues.
  2. Art News Blog: On this blog you’ll find news about exhibitions, ideas for your own work and even places you can enter to win art contests.
  3. The Art Blog: This blog will make it easy to keep up with all the fun and interesting artsy stuff going on around the world.
  4. JMG Artblog: Through this blog you’ll be able to find out more about current installations, read reviews and more.
  5. Emvergeoning: This blog is a great place to keep up with the Texas art scene, learn about the art world at large, and a whole lot more.
  6. AO Art Observed: Use this blog to keep up with art events happening around the world.
  7. Hrag Vartanian: Learn more about the New York art scene, as well as what artists to watch from this renowned blog.
  8. Agora Art Gallery Blog: This art gallery blog will provide you with the latest and greatest art news as well as information about new exhibitions.
  9. Newsgrist: Get your art news fix from this hip art blog.
  10. Hookedblog: This blog offers news about the artists and events shaping the London art scene.
  11. Jameswagner.com: On this blog you’ll find great images and information about contemporary art exhibits and artists.
  12. Art Park: Read about new events, great exhibitions and individual artists on this site.

Collecting and Selling

Learn more about buying and selling artwork through these blogs.
  1. ATC & ACEO Enthusiasts: This site is home to great photos and updates that are useful to those who create and collect art cards.
  2. Art Market Blog: Read through this blog to get great information on the current art market–a must for collectors and artists alike.
  3. Art Biz Blog: Those who are artists will appreciate this blog all about selling your work and making a living as an artist.
  4. HeatherMorton Art Buyer: Learn from Toronto art buyer Heather Morton about new artists to watch and how the art market works on this blog.
  5. ArtId Art Blog: This blog is designed with the artist in mind with loads of tips to help you market and sell your work.
  6. The Intrepid Art Collector: On this site you’ll find links to art for sale, information about shows, and lots of great places to look for quality art to collect.
  7. Modern Art Obsession: Read posts from this art collector, who loves modern art, to find out about exhibitions and artists you might not know about.
  8. Artopia: From art conservation to links to the hottest art out there, this blog from Art Forum is a must-read.
  9. Art Addict: This blog offers commentary and tips on collecting contemporary art.
  10. All Art All the Time: Check out this blog to learn more about art that’s for sale and how to buy it.

Art Education

From universities to grade school, these blogs are all about teaching and sharing art.
  1. Seqalab: Learn what’s going on at the Savannah College of Art and Design on this art-filled blog.
  2. Tyler School of Art Grads: This blog will keep you in the loop about what the MFA grads from this school are up to.
  3. TAMK School of Art and Media: On this blog you can learn how art education may differ across the pond, with updates from the School of Art and Media at Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Tampere, Finland.
  4. eGFI – Student Blog – Art: The American Society for Engineering Education maintains this blog, with posts on the latest places where art and technology intersect.
  5. The art teacher’s guide to the internet: Get some great ideas and links from this blog to help you teach art.
  6. Art Projects For Kids: Whether you’re teaching art or just want to keep your own kids busy, you’ll find lots of great ideas on this site.
  7. Synthesis: Here you’ll find the blog of the Hartford Art School, letting you keep up with student activities and new exhibits.

Nature and Art

These blogs connect art to the natural world.

  1. Cow Art and More: This blog provides art that explores the world of agriculture, especially that involving cows.
  2. A Journal of Environmental Art: This blog focuses on artwork that expresses a connection between the artist and the natural world.
  3. Eco Art Blog: This blog is about art that embraces the natural, including topics like ecological aesthetics, land poetry, and more.
  4. Macro Art In Nature: On this site you’ll get access to loads of beautiful photographs of nature from photographer Michael Brown.
  5. A Creative Journey: Get daily landscape and nature paintings from artist Karen Winters here.
  6. Life Plein Air: Take your art outdoors with a little help, guidance, and inspiration from artist Ed Terpening.
  7. Olympia Dumpster Divers: This blog proves that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, with art made from salvaged and recycled materials.

For Artists

Check out these blogs for tips on making it in the art business and ways to become a better and more successful artist.
  1. The Art of Helping Others: Check out this blog to learn about artists who are helping their communities and ways you can get involved as well.
  2. Hunt and Gather: This blog provides a forum for artists and their viewers, collectors, and fans to connect.
  3. Joanne Mattera Art Blog: Check out this blog for all kinds of great information, from news about exhibitions to advice on managing your art career.
  4. Art Print Issues: Here you’ll find a great business blog just for visual artists.
  5. Romow Art Blog: From advice on becoming a professional photographer to tips on art blogging, this site will help you become a better professional in the arts.
  6. Art Web Blog: Learn how to better promote and sell your artwork online with some help from this blog.
  7. Art Biz Blog: This blog will teach you valuable lessons about how to work and make a living as an artist.
  8. Artpreneur: On this site you can learn how to be more successful in your endeavors to be an artist.

By Artists

These blogs will let you see the work of artists working in a wide range of styles and media.
  1. Tate Magazine: On this blog you’ll be able to read about new artists, techniques and current installations.
  2. Art21 Blog: This blog by a group of artists will ensure you stay abreast of the art scene and artists you should know.
  3. Joelle Jones Art Blog: This blog will let you see the work of comic book artist Joelle Jones.
  4. Diane Clancy’s Art Blog: Here, Diane Clancy showcases her often spiritual art.
  5. Matthew Langley Artblog: Read through this blog to find out what this modern painter is up to.
  6. The Art Blog of Jeremiah Palecek: On this blog you’ll find the work of this artist, covering a range of styles and topics.
  7. MDE Art Blog: On this blog you’ll see the work of artist Michael D. Edens.
  8. Abstract Art: This blog is home to the abstract and modern art of NY artists Lynne Taetzsch.
  9. A Fine Art Blog: Visit this blog regularly to see new work by artist Takeyce Walter.
  10. Lauren Cross’ Art Blog: This blog will show you the work of a young artist as well as provide commentary on other artists’ work.
  11. The Art of Matthew Warlick: On this site you’ll not only find images by artist Matthew Warlick, but links to interesting art information as well.
  12. ArtStrokes: Tracy Wall’s Art Blog: Check out this blog for work by artists Tracy Wall as well as posts about art business, creativity and more.
  13. Artists Who Blog: This blog will let you see the work of Stephanie Levy, a collage artist, as well as provide links to other artists who share their work on blogs.
  14. Bob Fingerman’s Art Blog Thinger: On this blog you’ll see work by Bob Fingerman, an illustrator and comic book artist.
  15. Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog: See watercolors and prints by this artist through this blog.
  16. Mika Art Blog: See tiny, cute artwork almost daily on this artist’s blog.
  17. Lisa Pressman Art Blog: Here you’ll find work by abstract artist Lisa Pressman, info about her influences, and photos of recent exhibitions.

Medium Specific

From pottery to paint, these blogs focus on art that uses a specific medium.

  1. Clay Art Web Guide: Pay a visit to this blog to keep up with artists who work in clay as well as exhibitions, techniques, websites and more.
  2. Wearable Art Blog: If you’re more of a jewelry or fashion enthusiast, then this blog about handmade, wearable art is for you.
  3. Contemporary Textile Art: Through this blog you’ll be able to see the work of Lisa Call, a modern textile artist.
  4. The Sonic Blog: This blog offers some great tips and images on photography in both German and English.
  5. Vandalog: Check out this blog for all the information you can handle about street art around the world.
  6. Paint Blog: This blog will show you all kinds of paintings and creative ways paint can be used to create art.
  7. Noadi’s Art Blog: Learn more about the art of sculpting and the work of this artist on this blog.
  8. My Blue Sky: See the work of former Disney animator and current comic book artist Amy here.


See all kinds of beautiful and inspirational art images on these blogs.

  1. New Art: This blog covers installation art, performance art, theater, painting, sculpture, digital art and just about everything else in between, posting new images of artwork regularly.
  2. Episcopal Cafe: Art Blog: Visit this blog to see all kinds of religious artwork.
  3. Your Daily Art: Go back to this art blog regularly to see art historical images as well as a little background information on them.
  4. Daily Painters Art Blog: Come back to this blog each day to see a new image by artist Mark Webster.

Region Specific

Check out these blogs to find out what’s going on with the art world in specific parts of the globe or nation.

  1. Seattle Art: This blog provides a chance to learn more about the art-related events going on in the Seattle area.
  2. The OC Art Blog: Here you’ll be able to update yourself on the Orange County art scene.
  3. Art of The State News – London: Check out this blog to find out what the art scene is buzzing about in and around London.
  4. The Chicago Art Blog: Learn more about artists working and exhibiting in the Midwest and Chicago through this blog.
  5. Calgary Art Blog: From art to buy to new exhibitions to check out, this blog will help you stay on top of art in Calgary.
  6. Art Fag City: Visit this blog for New York art reviews, commentary and even a little gossip.
  7. Eye Level: This blog comes from the Smithsonian American Art Museum and features great photos and commentary about events going on at the museum and in the surrounding areas.
  8. Vaaa Art Blog: This blog will make it simple to learn more about the visual arts in the Alberta area.
  9. Artlurker: Based around the Miami area, this blog will update you on art events, artists and information about the area.
  10. The Santa Barbara Art Blog: If you’re in the Santa Barbara area or plan to visit, this blog will help you find the best places to view and buy art.
  11. UK Street Art: This blog will help you keep up with what’s going on in UK galleries, on the streets and anywhere art is being created.
  12. The art life: Use this blog to stay informed about the art world in Australia.
  13. BmoreArt: Visit this blog for information and reviews about the arts in Baltimore, Maryland.


These blogs cover everything from crafting to art therapy.

  1. Geninne’s Art Blog: On this blog you’ll find all kinds of amazing information and photos on arts and crafts.
  2. Koelle Art Blog: Here you’ll find photos, artwork, and even some vintage objects collected and displayed through beautiful photographs.
  3. Honest Art Talk: This blog offers some of the artist’s work, stories and experiences in everyday life.
  4. Rhizome: This blog and accompanying foundation are all about supporting the arts–especially those that engage or use technology in their process.
  5. Elizabeth Beck: Art Therapy: Learn more about the benefits and methods of art therapy here.

SOURCE:  http://www.onlinecollege.org